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What is corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts can be defined as materials which an organization can choose to give to its business linkages. Business linkages can be external such as suppliers, media teams, and retailers. Internal links may be employees and board members.

Giving corporate gifts can do amazing wonders for your company and its brand as it shows the recipients that you care about them. When done as part of the well-considered program, corporate gifting can help establish and enhance relationships.

To be sure, for one to successfully select and give an appropriate gift, it means considerable research has gone into finding out possible likes and interests so that the gift will be appreciated.

Corporate gift-giving is serious business and so, it is critical to plan and execute well, to achieve an impressive return on investment on the gesture.

What to give is therefore an important question to consider and here at Corporate Gifts Pot, we have taken the time to breakdown corporate gifting into purposeful categories to help you make the best selection for your organization, the intended achievement of the objective as well as the budgets you are working with.

What to give as a corporate gift?

Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts are used for marketing and advertising brands. Because they are intended to communicate to the audience about an organization’s business, they usually carry the logo of the brand. This is so that anyone who sees the branded material will retain information on the company such as their logo, tag line, or area of business.

When the target audience is gifted with promotional materials, there is a high chance of increasing brand positioning, as more information concerning the product or service will be most likely sought out by those who see the promotional materials. 

Most people keep promotional products for an average of eight months, meaning that anyone who comes into contact with the branded merchandise is likely to retain the information, hence marketing and advertising are done for the organization for an extended period of time.

Most people who receive promotional material from an organization are also more likely to have a lasting favorable impression about the company that gave them the gift. 

Executive gifts

There is always a good opportunity to show your leadership appreciation with thoughtful, unique executive gifts from Corporate Gifts Pot. That is because we understand the dilemma of giving something thoughtful to individuals who are in positions of authority and are likely to have most of what they really want in their daily lives. 

Be that as it may, even leaders appreciate the recognition from subordinates, and selecting tasteful gifts for leaders can be an opportunity to also showcase how you understand leadership personalities and needs. 

At Corporate Gifts Pot, you can choose from a wide selection of high-end corporate clothing, custom leather folders, promotional gift sets, and much more. 

Creative & unique gifts

Your clients will also be delighted to receive thoughtful gifts that represent their values and ethics. An example is how giving a toolkit or safety apparel and accessories to clients or employees interested in industrial engineering is unique and thoughtful, as opposed to just giving a branded mug. 

At Corporate Gifts Pot, we encourage the creative process and assist our clients in coming up with unique gift ideas for their respective recipients. 

Branded gifts

Ever noticed how exciting it is to take note of a brand logo imprinted on items you use in your regular day-to-day life? Moreover, seeing other individuals in society also affiliated with the same brands you love gives a sense of appreciation and positively impacts the brand positioning of the organization. 

From branded water bottles, clothing items to power banks and USB flash drives, any item can be branded and given as a gift to your organization’s stakeholders.

 Any object with your name or company logo qualifies as a branded corporate gift.

Luxury gifts

Consider giving an unusual corporate gift as it is something they won’t soon forget. Break outside the box for your best clients with gifts for milestones such as anniversaries, retirement, special service recognition.

Corporate Gifts Pot

Welcome to the perfect corporate gifts supplier of all gifts corporate and tasteful. We cook up amazing materials and ideas to help you develop positive relationships with your organization’s stakeholders and the important public.

Here at Corporate Gifts Pot, we value relationships and connecting with others through the age-old practice of giving gifts. In business as well as in social life, receiving a gift has such a feel-good sensation that encourages and promotes good relations among communities.

We also understand that corporates develop relationships with both internal and external audiences, hence gifting in business is also an encouraged ‘feel good’ activity.

For some, gifting comes naturally, whilst for others guidance is required so that the process is completed in good taste. And leaves a refreshing and endearing memory for all parties involved. At Corporate Gifts Pot, we assist our clients in selecting the best corporate and promotional gifts for their businesses.

To begin with, one might need to understand what corporate gifts are in the first place.

Why should you consider promotional corporate gifts?

Put your best foot forward when starting a new business relationship. Boost your potential of building lasting relations with a corporate gift.

It is easy to forget the talent behind your company’s success, so do not take your employees for granted. A show of appreciation for their time, skills, and effort can be tastefully conveyed through corporate gifts.

With flooded markets comes every competitor trying to gain a competitive advantage. Set your business apart by going the generous route of gifting.

We always express ourselves best when we capture respect and appreciation through giving a gift.

Imagine the unlimited exposure of your brand to every audience that will see your corporate gift everywhere your recipient takes it to!

Increase visibility in your market through publicity tactics presented by branded corporate gifts

Once gifts have exchanged hands, it opens up avenues for open communication which then positively impacts working relations.

How to select appropriate promotional gifts?

Selecting an appropriate corporate gift can be determined by the following;

  1. Profile of recipient
  2. Intentions matter
  3. Quantities
  4. Timing is everything
  5. Lasting impressions

It is therefore important to ensure all the above factors are carefully considered to ensure the best possible outcome for the gifting process.

Corporate Gifts Pot has the expertise and experience to ensure you have considered these factors when selecting a corporate gift. We also encourage our clients to carefully consider the process and our proffered advice so that the process is wholesome and memorable.

What to consider when selecting corporate gifts?

It can never be over-emphasized that quality is everything. Whether gifts are in bulk for a large audience or are a limited set for luxury gifts, quality is always an important factor that needs consideration.

At Corporate Gifts Pot, we ensure that all corporate gifts are designed and produced with quality in mind, as we believe in giving the best possible gift in every circumstance.

It is rather unfortunate that you may have personally experienced receiving a gift you had non-use for and had to graciously accept it and toss it into storage somewhere and forget about it. In business, this scenario cannot be risked as it has huge implications on brand perception.

Always consider if the corporate gift you pick out will be useful to the recipient. Corporate Gifts Pot encourages background profiling so that a useful and tasteful range of gift ideas can be presented to our clients. This enables our clients to avoid giving useless gifts to their recipients.

It is rather unfortunate that you may have personally experienced receiving a gift you had non-use for and had to graciously accept it and toss it into storage somewhere and forget about it. In business, this scenario cannot be risked as it has huge implications on brand perception.

Always consider if the corporate gift you pick out will be useful to the recipient. Corporate Gifts Pot encourages background profiling so that a useful and tasteful range of gift ideas can be presented to our clients. This enables our clients to avoid giving useless gifts to their recipients.

Some companies have policies with regards to gifting. Your gift should never be misunderstood as a bribe or as a method of influencing certain behavior within the business relationship. We always encourage understanding company policy in picking out the best gift options for our clients.

Do’s and don’t in corporate gifting



When to get corporate gifts?

A customer service expert by the name of Shep Hyken says in the business world there are two appropriate times for expressing gratitude through corporate gifts, and these times are at the beginning of the professional relationship and anytime thereafter.

This means that timing is everything.

At Corporate Gifts Pot, we encourage clients to consider the following points with regards to timing perfect opportunities for corporate gifting:

Important dates can be for both the giving and receiving individual or entity. Corporate gifts may be given to selected audiences to commemorate organisational special days. Furthermore, corporate gifts may be given to clients by an organization when the client is celebrating milestones and achievements, or when something special and exciting is happening within their organization.

Special events and activities are also an important consideration when thinking about corporate gifting. Moreover, they provide a good situation to creatively present logos and other celebratory graphics on materials. These materials will thereby become an important and treasured representation of the event or activity.

When we meet new people and value their ideas, it is always a good gesture to appreciate the time, place, and moment. Corporate gifts may be presented to mark these wonderful memories.

With many competitive ideas entering the market every day, it is a good idea to set your brand apart from the competition and retain customer loyalty. One of the ways this can be done is through corporate gifting.

Single-minded communication for the organization during campaigns and events is the marketer’s dream. One way of approaching this communication strategy is by presenting corporate gifts to participants of the campaign or event.

Where can you get corporate gifts?

It’s truly amazing time-saving when you can get what you want in one place. We at Corporate Gifts Pot ensure we provide all our clients with effective solutions to their gifting process. Our products and services may be accessible on our various communication channels listed below.

We value your business and we encourage feedback on anything to do with corporate gifts, whether it be a review of our products and services, constructive criticism of our work, or even new ideas you would like to share with us on what to add to our catalog. Our representatives are ready to talk to you.

The client wants to know that you care. So, keep their interests in mind when choosing a gift for them. Corporate gift pot is here for you.  As part of a well-considered program, it can help establish or enhance critical relationships

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