Get your promotional gifts and corporate gifts from renowned corporate gifts suppliers in South Africa. We do deliver in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and all over the nation.

High quality

Corporate gifts pot is popularly known for high quality corporate gifts that boosts your brand

Fast delivery

We deliver fast because manufacturing and branding of both corporate gifts is done inhouse.

Affordable prices

Corporate gifts pot is the only corporate gifts supplier that offers high quality gifts at affordable prices

Our vision

To create and supply the most perfect and most tasteful corporate gifts to help companies develop the best relationships with the important publics.

Our mission

Our mission is literally a “paradigm gift”:

To help your business to establish and enhance critical relationships with all of its stakeholders by tailor-making corporate gift giving materials so as to achieve an impressive return on investment on the gesture.

Our values

At Corporate Gift Pot, we “gift credit where credit is due”. Our core values are:

  • Relationships and connections with others through the age old practice of giving gifts
  • Creation of high quality products
  • Fast delivery of services
  • Affordable pricing to our clients
  • Encouraging positive engagements amongst businesses and subsequently in the community
  • Providing guidance in the process of gift-giving in the corporate world
  • Long-lasting relationships with our clients and yours.

Our services

Haven’t pot a clue? You are in the right place. At Corporate Gift Pot, we have a wide range of options from Promotional gifts, Executive gifts, creative and unique gifts, branded gifts as well as luxury gifts for every stakeholder of your organisation.

We also offer guidance to our customers which they require through the process of deciding, designing and delivering the perfect corporate gift for any situation. With Corporate Gifts Pot, selecting the best gift will be a breeze.

We can also aid you in researching the possible likes and interests of the receivers so that the gift fully completes its intended purpose. Our mark and yours is to enhance relationships between your company and the receivers.

Our services are easy and friendly. We have broken down our corporate gifting into categories according to the purpose of your corporate gifts:

  • Promotional gifts which can be used for marketing and advertising your brand,
  • Executive gifts for company leaders
  • Branded gifts for clients and employees
  • Luxury gifts for the best customers to mark important milestones
  • Unique gifts which are personalised for clients in specific fields and industries

We intend to help you to “gift credit where credit is due”.

Registration details

Registered name: Proxel international printers (pty) Ltd

Registered number: 2015/334226/07 

Trading name: Corporate gifts pot

Our Company

Welcome to Corporate Gifts Pot where we brew committed corporate gifts! We pride ourselves in being the best corporate gifts suppliers in South Africa. Located at 27 Rawbone Street, Booysens, Johannesburg 2091; we deliver across South Africa from Durban right down to Cape Town.

We specialise in all your corporate gift needs. These include:

  • Promotional gifts which can be used for marketing and advertising your brand.
  • Executive gifts for company leaders
  • Branded gifts for clients and employees
  • Luxury gifts for the best customers to mark important milestones
  • Unique gifts which are personalised for clients in specific fields and industries

We are renowned in South Africa for tailor-making your corporate gifts to suit any occasion, client or business partner. Our goal is to ensure lasting relationships between you and your shareholders through our services. If we can achieve this for you, then you can always count on us as the provider of corporate gift sand services for a long time to come.

Here at Corporate Gifts Pot, we breakdown corporate gifting into purposeful categories to help you make the best selection for your organisation, which will be in line with the desired objective and also suiting the budget you are working with. So “gift it the green light” and allow us to present to you amazing corporate gift ideas!

Our products

A melting pot or a tossed salad? We like to believe that we have an apt name as you can find all you want in our one-stop place. Corporate Gift Pot provides a variety of gift ideas for all occasions and all gifting purposes.

By brainstorming and researching the interests of the receivers, we can have the perfect corporate gifts for you at the budget of your choice.

Promotional gifts

To market and advertise your brand, you can choose from Diaries, Calendars, Umbrellas and T-shirts

Executive Gifts

For company leaders who have most of what they want but still need appreciation, employees have the options of gifting high-end corporate clothing, custom leather folders, gift sets which include personalised pens and diaries

Unique gifts

For clients in specific fields and industries. These are especially spectacular and unexpected gifts to suppliers or special customers who are loyal and long-serving to your brand. They can include a toolkit or safety apparel or even everyday utility goods like self-care kits.

Branded Gifts

These can be used as marketing merchandise via customers as giveaways or employees as everyday useful materials that will make your brand visible always. These may be but not limited to mugs, caps, hats, umbrellas, raincoats, pens and notepads or even key holders.

Luxury Gifts

These gifts and when they are given requires them to be as unique as possible. Long-serving employees or leaders can be marked with unique plaques Loyal customers and business partners can be appreciated with unique gift sets with personalized fountain pens or everyday utility items like self-care hampers.


Meet the founders of Corporate Gifts Pot.

Thandiwe Mbidzo

Thandiwe Mbidzo is one half of the innovative duo who are making it their vision to become one of the best one-stop-shops for corporate products and services. Her focus on the administration ensure that our values are maintained, especially that our clients get the best services ever.

Letmore Mbidzo

Letmore Mbidzo is the other half of the founders of Corporate Gifts Pot. His vision includes quality products hence his core mandate of overseeing the production side of the company. He promises quality products which are delivered at a timely rate. Building lasting relationships with clients, both on our side as well as yours is our ultimate goal.


If you care to join our brand in any capacity look out for exciting opportunities here.

Our people

“Last but pot list” meet our amazing team!

Our team is here to serve you and help you to put your best foot forward in the corporate world. We promise the best customer service and product delivery right across the board.